Fractional accounting services.

Our fractional services are a modern approach, offering flexibility and value-based service and products to fit your businesses needs.

These affordable and flexible services, coupled with our forward-thinking approach, will help guide you through your journey in business.

We become part of your team on a day-to-day basis to provide you with the services you need and get you results.

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Financial Reporting

Streamline and expand financial reporting including income statement, balance sheet, cashflow and all supporting reconciliation schedules.

Budget & Forecasting

Do you know where you are going? Are you excited about what the future holds for your business and team? Are  decisions based on strategy initiatives and plans?

Business Plan

Customized reporting for your owners, senior management, staff, board, shareholders, investors and AGMs. Offering experience in relaying the vision and tying into the long-term financial plan.

Cash Flow & Profitability

Increase cash-flow and utilize forecasting to shift with future industry and market trends.

Source Funding & Bank Relations

Increase cash-flow and utilize forecasting to shift with future industry and market trends.

Performance Indicators

Develop and incorporate key performance indicators (KPIs) to assist in better decision making each day.

Improve IT Systems & Internal Controls

Are you drowning in paper files? Are you able to connect to the business anywhere on any device? Is your software system managing to everything the business needs? Does your business have exposure to fraud or theft? What is an internal control?

Operating & Capital Expenditures

Review and plan for Operating expenditures (OPEX) versus Capital expenditures (CAPEX). What improvements or equipment are required in the next 1, 3, 5 years?

Tech Stack, Automation, AI

What is artificial intelligence and how will it streamline business processes and save money? What other applications are out there to scale the business and automate process that today are done manually between departments?

Sales Analysis

How are your sales performing, what is your pricing model? When is the last time you raised the prices? What products or services are performing, and which ones are not?

Labour Productivity

What is your labour as a percentage of sales? Is your labour line increasing and your sales decreasing? Do you have fixed labour for salary employees and then variable labour for hourly staff?

Implement Business Plan & Operational Strategies

The plan is set by the owner, CEO, board of directors and senior leadership so now let’s execute it with the various departments, vendors, service, and product offerings.

Strategic Planning

Does your company have a vision, mission, and core values? What are the goals for the next 1-5 years? Who is your target market? How do you attract and retain clients?

Supply Chain Management

End to end tracking of your product or service are critical to the success of the business. What systems are in place? What tasks or services could be outsourced to scale the business?

Leadership & Boardroom Experience

Motivation and influence to believe in a common goal or strategy for the business are required each day. Finding a common reasoning for reaching for a common goal.

Human Capital & Culture

Engaging, retaining, and promoting talent. Do your employees know what your vision, mission, and values are? Do they know what the future holds? The answers to these questions are critical to retaining and inspiring

Change Agent

Spearheads new initiatives, growth initiatives, organizational change, and the process of developing buy in from the team, clients, and investors.

Practice, Policy & Procedure

Cultivate and review the various departments set of documents and training manuals to ensure standard operating procedures and succession can be executed with ease.

Accounting Services - Fractional CFO

Why say yes to a fractional CFO?

  • Understanding the money side of the business is something to focus on regularly
  • Know something is missing and didn’t know what it is until they heard about a fractional CFO
  • Want to stop losing sleep over money
  • Don’t know where to start and just need that support of a trusted professional
  • Know and understand the power in the numbers
  • Desire to know how much free cash you have
  • Ensure accuracy and integrity in reporting
  • Align money, people, and strategy
  • Targeting the highest level of profitability

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