Our story.

We’re a forward-thinking fractional accounting service firm for small and medium-sized businesses.


Business owners leap fearlessly into following their dream. That voice inside, along with a little bravery and vulnerability ignites the passion. Invite us to ride shotgun to map out the journey, with clear checkpoints, and actions to uncover that definition of success. Building a roadmap to making the dream a reality.

The Backroad Story
Our Values

Our values.

These sum us up perfectly.


Evolution and change are not to be feared but rather embraced.


Adapting or shifting with tact will mean the difference between success or failure.


Let’s build the dream and have fun with everyone involved while we are at it.


Seek adventure and the unknown as the experience, chase risk, and captivate opportunity.


Everyone needs a cheerleader in business to encourage perseverance through adversity & triumph.

It started here.

Here’s a little bit about our owner and founder.

Tasha is passionate about living life boldly. A wife, aunty, friend, backroad adventurer, Baja beach babe, a CPA, ex-industry accountant, entrepreneur, and startup small business owner.

Life and the personal side

Growing up in small town Alberta like so many others, Tasha was raised with a modest upbringing. Adventures included going out to her grandparents’ farm or taking a camping trip off the grid that mom and dad planned at the last minute. Adventure was something imagined and sought after regularly. It was not a manufactured or marketed version as seen on TV. Small town values also taught her that hard work, dedication, and fun are the definition of success.

If you run into her, she will most definitely have music playing in the background or on a headphone. True to her 90s child upbringing. The genre playing is a mystery leaving room for metal Monday, old school country in the mornings, house to get you through those sleepy afternoons, and Latin to change it up. We of course cannot forget her nieces’ playlists. Raining Tacos is such a great jam.

Her newest hobby is to find more of those backroad experiences in life. Whether that be renting a car in Mexico and living there solo for a month. Finding the perfect boutique beachfront hotel in Mexico to get “Mexico Married” to her biggest fan and husband. Or start an accounting firm she can take with her anywhere anytime. Life should not be compromised by a postal code. Balancing those personal and professional goals always.

Tasha - Life and the personal side
Tasha - Life and the professional side
Life and the professional side

Backroad Accounting welcomes the unknown with a forward-looking new school approach. Most businesses hire accountants to help document the past financial performance in bookkeeping or once a year to file the taxes. By taking the road less travelled we are doing it a bit differently.

How did this small-town Albertan reach this point? She knew there was little opportunity in her hometown and thus set out to find a successful career in industry-based accounting. She achieved an accounting degree and 2-year CPA designation, and for added challenge, her MBA. What a decade she can tell you about sometime.

Fast forward, she now brings 15 years' industry experience to her partnerships with small and medium businesses. The solopreneur journey that started at the end of 2022 came to fruition in May of 2023 bringing Backroad Accounting Professional Corporation to life. A model that provides flexibility and offers expertise to streamline the success of businesses as it evolves over time.

Our Team.

We're a team of fun, forward-thinking professionals that are committed to our clients' journey and success.


Tasha Klebe CPA, CMA, MBA
Owner / Founder / Fractional CFO
Jade Brazil
Creative Director

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