Let’s talk about the future, not the past.

Most businesses hire accountants to help document past financial performance or once-a-year to file the taxes.

Our chief forward-thinking officers take the road less travelled and guide your journey through the future.

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Fractional accounting services for your business.

Our vision is to empower business owners to uncover the definition of what success means to them. Then help them attain it through fractional CFO services that are affordable and flexible.

Business owners often leap fearlessly into following their dream with a passion ignited by bravery and vulnerability. Invite a fractional CFO to ride shotgun to map out your journey, with clear checkpoints, a pitstop here or there, and actions to uncover that definition of success and build a roadmap to making the dream a reality.

Backroad Accounting and our fractional CFO, controller, and accounting services welcome your journey with our forward-thinking approach to accounting.

What We Do Start Your Journey

CPA - Chartered Professional AccountantBackroad Accounting

Our vibe.

The journey and success of every one of our clients is important to us, and they know it. We're not all serious though - we like to balance in some fun too!


uncover what success means to you

What we bring to your team.

We are part of your team on a day-to-day basis to bring a spark to your aspirations and get you results.

  • We map out a plan and get moving
  • We talk strategy
  • We enhance business performance
  • We embrace a let’s do this attitude
  • We love to challenge the fast-paced market and business environment
Teamwork makes the dream work

What does the Chief Forward-Thinking Officer (CFO) do?

The money master - answering all your cash questions. Focusing what the business needs to operate and how much is free for tomorrow's adventures.


Value based scalable partnerships

A small to medium sized business may not find it feasible to hire a full time CFO. A fractional role provides the ability to bring in this expertise with a value-based model.

There are limitless benefits to adding this skillset. A few of our favorites include projecting future cash flows, building wealth, mapping out strategic development, scaling the business, and offering the owner their life back with the additional professional to ride shotgun and help navigate.

Fractional Services

Fractional is the future and offers flexibility and value-based service and product offerings to fit your businesses needs.


What is a fractional accounting service?

Fractional means that the accounting professional partners with the business to share their expertise. Through our discovery and consultation process we will have a clear understanding of time requirements needed for your business and sit down with you to discuss.

Is that weekly, monthly, annually, or more hands on in 10 hours a week today and maybe 30 hours in a year from now? Or is there a 9-month project in which the extra expertise is required? If you can imagine it, we can build it.

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